The establishment of the Institute of Physiologically Active Compounds came about as the result of natural processes occurring within society and in the scientific sphere, which led to the necessity of creating innovative scientific production centres. At such institutions, it would become possible to realise fundamental scientific developments and effectively put the results of such work into practice.

The structural organisation of the Institute includes scientific research subdivisions, a centre for implementing research results, facilities for manufacturing products on the basis of hydrated fullerene, and for offering commercial services. The Institute enjoys close scientific relations with numerous domestic and foreign scientific centres.

The Institutes’ highly skilled scientific personnel enable this establishment to resolve fundamental and applied tasks that intersect with the spheres of physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacology, medicine, as well as modern knowledge about nanostructure systems.

The Institute holds a leading position with respect to the study of hydrated fullerene C60 – an amazing symbiosis of pure carbon nanomolecules and water molecules. Hydrated fullerene has proven to be a unique instrument for scientific cognition, which is helping to bring scientists closer to understanding the role of water in living matter. Through the study of its multi-faceted activity, one becomes convinced of the fact that, during the origination and functioning of living matter, special water structures play a predominant role.


Our innovations concern the life quality of millions of people at home, at work, and at leisure every day.